When you think of “Tantra,” what comes to mind? Sensual love-making with prolonged eye contact by candlelight? A soundtrack of Sanskrit mantras as the backdrop for ecstatic moans of pleasure? Multi-hour orgasmic bliss? Tantra refers to a diverse set of esoteric Buddhist and Hindu practices, philosophies, and teachings–some of which are sexual. Especially in the West, “Tantra” has come to denote a range of sexual and spiritual meditation, breathwork, deity-worship, and other practices, performed with the intention of experiencing ecstasy and liberation through an embrace of the body, its senses, and its emotions. 

Tantric sex is a special moment of connection. a reverent, ritualized experience outside of the flow of everyday life. But unlike what you may have heard, you don’t need to study for years under a guru to have a Tantric experience right now! And you can do it with or without a partner. In this e-book, I introduce you to Tantra and give you an easy to follow step-by-step guide to have an experience of connection with yourself and/or your partner. With this guide, you will tap into enhanced sensation and pleasure and an expansive love frequency.