So, you wanna try sex magic?

You know, that thing all the spiritual women into manifestation in your life are whispering about.

Sex magic is a powerful practice of building pleasure, harnessing your potent life force energy, and directing that energy towards a specific intention or something you’re calling in to your life.

Our erotic energy is literally magnetic. We haven’t been taught to regard our pleasure as the powerful force it truly is, so we let this energy dissipate without intention. We waste it when we could be directing it toward what we REALLY WANT.

Most of the spaces created for sex magic are for women only, which is beautiful, but men deserve this magic, too!

So, I’m creating a weekly practice for men!

Imagine, me as your muse, guiding you through self-pleasure and holding a space in which you get to fully potentiate your will. This is a beginner-friendly experience. You will not be seen by anyone, including me,

The magic happens every Wednesday at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific